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Home Stations

Amroad P9

Amroad P9

home station

Amroad P9 is Amroad’s latest home station. In a minimal and elegant way, Amroad P9 offers advanced video entry functions along with community-specific features.

Amroad P5

amroad p5

home station

Amroad P5 is a home station with 5″ touch screen and the thickness is only 16mm. It has the advantages of multicolored enclosure design and easy construction by wall-mounted.

Amroad VP

amroad vp

home station

Equipped with an orientable camera, LCD color screen and receiver, Amroad VP is a video door phone that represents a convenient desktop solution for every type of residence: from communities to independent houses from home offices to shared areas of condominiums.

Amroad ID5101

amroad id5101

home station

Audio-video communication associated with safety and security functions are combined into Amroad ID5101, an all-in-one solution for all types of residences.

Door Stations

Amroad P3

door station

Amroad P3 is a door station exclusively designed for indoor spaces of condominiums and high-rise buildings where it finds its ideal location next to doorways along corridors.

Amroad DP3210

amroad DP32-SERIES

door station

Amroad DP32-Series is a rugged, robust and compact door station. Built with functionality in mind, Amroad DP32-Series is an affordable product that offers surprising video performance and speech quality.

Amroad DP101

amroad dp101

door station

Amroad DP101 is a simple surface-mount door station featuring audio-video communication and RFID reader. Thanks to its neutral style, Amroad DP101 is suitable for a number of applications including community public spaces and offices.

Community Stations

Amroad XL

amroad xl

community station

Amroad combines contemporary design with user-friendly functions in its latest community station. Superior workmanship and quality make the Amroad XL distinctively attractive yet incredibly solid.

Amroad DP100

amroad DP100

community station

Amroad DP100 is a flush mounted audio-video entrance station that combines sturdiness and affordability.

Auxiliary products

Amroad I/O Controller

Amroad I/O Controller

i/o controller

Amroad I/O Controller is a compact yet capable device that connects Amroad P9 to end devices such as doorbells and medical emergency buttons.

Amroad IX-Series



Amroad IX-Series are a set of Internet Private Branch Exchanges (IPBXs) that are specially designed to fit into the Amroad System. Amroad provides 3 different products that range in sizes to best fit the system being created.

Amroad POES6530

Amroad POES6530

PoE switch

Amroad POES6530 is a compact PoE switch that facilitates installation and maintenance in apartments with up to 4 devices.