• Amroad P9

    Amroad P9: Tailored for Communities

    The New Amroad Home Station

    With a unique appearance, Amroad P9 offers advanced entry functions along with community-specific features.

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  • Amroad P3

    A Distinctive Companion For Your Door

    Amroad P3 door station for communities

    Amroad P3 is a door station exclusively designed for indoor spaces of condominiums and high-rise buildings where it finds its ideal location next to doorways along corridors.

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  • Amroad P5

    AMROAD P5: Extremely Compact SOLUTION

    Amroad P5 Home Station For Communities

    Amroad P5 is a home station with 5" touch screen and the thickness is only 16mm. It has the advantages of multicolored enclosure design and easy construction by wall-mounted.

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  •  Amroad XL

    Crafting an attractive entrance

    Amroad XL Community Station

    Amroad XL combines user-friendly functions with contemporary design in its latest community station. Superior workmanship and quality make Amroad XL distinctively attractive yet incredibly solid.

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